Sawing metal

Pegas 350×400 A-CNC-LR-Fere

Pegas 350×400 A-CNC-LR-F

It is a highly efficient automatic hydraulically controlled band-saw with multiple material feed. The length and number of pieces are set on the control panel. The machine selects the number of feeds and performs the necessary calculations by itself. The system allows the selection from nine different settings for quick adjustment of lengths or automatic modification of lengths when sawing several dimensions from one bar. There is an automatic and a semiautomatic mode, where all movements are controlled independently. The machine is designed for vertical and angular cuts; angular cuts are steplessly adjustable from 0° to +45° right (in automatic mode) and from 0° to -45° left (in semiautomatic mode). Change of angle using quick clamping handle. The angles indicated on the digital display show the displacement of the turntable. It is suitable for serial production and thank to its robust construction enables to cut wide range of materials including stainless stells and tool steels both profiles and full materials.

Saw parameters:
Max. rectangle at 0° 400×350 mm
Max. diameter at 45° 330 mm
Max. rectangle at 45° 280×350 mm
Max. diameter at 60° 320 mm
Max. rectangle at 60° 240×350 mm
Max. diameter at -45° 220 mm
Max. square at -45° 160×350 mm
Max. batch cut size 400×210 mm